Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Helmet - Ampress - Black/White Matte

Brand: Alpinestars
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The goal of the Alpinestars Supertech family of helmets was to create the most advanced, protective, and performance-enhancing helmets possible for riders worldwide. With the S-M10, Alpinestars’ Helmet Development team engineered the helmet to offer the perfect blend of excellent ventilation, and unsurpassed comfort, to create a helmet with the lightest weight possible, all without compromising on any other front. The S-M10’s design offers a smooth, attractive, aerodynamic profile which is streamlined and free of any external channels and features that might act as a load point in an impact or compromise the overall integrity of the helmet’s construction. The surface curvature promotes reduced friction on impact, allowing deflection and the most efficient transfer of energy to protect the rider’s head from direct force to the skull and referred to the neck and spinal column.