FMF Racing

FMF Racing

In 1973, Don Emler created FMF Racing from a desire to go faster. For nearly 50 years since, FMF has been leading in the pursuit of precision, power, and speed.

FMF Racing products have always, and will always, be built for peak performance. Over the decades, there has been an inspiring transformation in the world of motorcycles and ATVs/UTVs. FMF has been there from the days when single-shock and water-cooled engines were huge innovations to now with the development of aluminum chassis and electronic fuel injection. Their goal will never change. The focus will always be to take the most advanced machinery to its limit by building the world's best-performing FMF racing parts.


While FMF is known for their full exhaust systems and mufflers, FMF Racing also offers gear like goggles, casual wear tees & hats, as well as parts such as O-ring gaskets & power-up jet kits and decals!


FMF Racing 2 & 4 Stroke Silencer Packing

2-Stroke Standard Packing Premier series packing is made of fine interwoven fibers that have been blended to FMF's specifications for high heat resistance and sound absorption|Standard packing works great for M/X applications where maximum sound absorption isn't necessary
From $18.28

FMF Racing 2-Stroke Premier Silencer Packing

2-Stroke Performance Packing

FMF Racing 2-Stroke Shorty Decal

2-Stroke Shorty Decal

FMF Racing 2-Stroke Standard Silencer Packing

2-Stroke Standard Packing

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