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Everything You Need To Know About Breaking in New Tires

It’s about that time to buy new tires for this year’s riding season!



Most tire manufacturers use release agents to separate newly-formed tires from their molds. That is why so many new tires look slick and shiny. They look pretty cool on your bike, but in reality, they are not optimized to be ridden on like broken-in tires.


Some riders think that as soon as you get your tires on, you can drive as you would on broken-in tires. But, with new tires, the chances of wiping out on the smallest of curves or sliding when trying to stop are much higher because of the slickness of the release agents. So, you need to do some prep work to get your tires ready.

Downed motorcycle in the middle of the road



Find the right tires for your ride:

Check out our tire selection here

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Once your new tires get delivered:

Put them on your ride

image of Motomentum packages delivered to a customer's front door


Break in your new tires:

To break in your new motorcycle tires, you should take them for a spin… a 100-mile spin, that is. It is recommended that you take it easy on the tires for about 100 miles (no sharp turns, for example). Even after the initial 100 miles, you should still make your turns with more angle and still proceed with caution until the tires feel completely broken in.


Ride on!

Image of a person riding their motorcycle down a tree-lined road

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3/6/2021 2:20 PM
Thanks for the info! Will you be having any sales soon?