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Prepping your bike for Spring

Spring is right around the corner! Especially in Ohio, this is an exciting time. The birds will start chirping, daylight will stick around longer, and warmer weather will be here before we know it. Now is the time to start getting your ride ready for riding season!

We sat down with our very own, Reda Ashour – Assistant Customer Service Manager.

Reda Ashour, Motomentum Assistant Customer Service Manager

She’s been riding for 11 years and has a slew of experience. We asked her what all she does to get her bike ready for riding season, after sitting in storage all winter long. Here are some of Reda’s tips to get you started –


Person checking for battery voltage

Battery: Check your voltage! During winter, you should’ve kept it on a tender or completely disconnected from the bike. This means you need to check the voltage to make sure your battery is good for all the riding you’ll be doing! Don’t have a multimeter to check? No worries! We got you!


Person checking tire pressure on a motorcycle

Tires: Be sure to check your air and evaluated tread. If not enough air, fill it up. If not enough tread… it’s time to replace your tires. Check out our tire selection here.


Person inspecting an oil dipstick on a motorcycle

Oil: Change your fluids per your bike manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s always best to get fresh oil in your bike every Spring/riding season. Shop oil now!


Two people giving a motorcycle a visual inspection

Visual Inspection: This one is often forgotten, but very important. You want to check for any corrosion, rubber wearing, rust, or anything loose. If anything seems off, better to be safe than sorry and replace it!


Person fueling up a motorcycle

Fuel: Having fuel sit in your tank during Winter storage and cause gunk to build up. Put fresh fuel in your tank. You should also put in a fuel cleaner with the fresh fuel to get that gunk out of there.


Person washing their motorcycle

Shine it up: We have everything you'll need to get your bike looking like new: tire cleaner, detailer, wax, chrome polish, leather cleaner/protector, plastic polish, etc. After all, it’s almost time to show off your ride! Explore our full selection here. If you're looking for a nice set to get you started, check out this set.


Keep in mind, it’s important to have the proper riding gear and safety precautions. If you need an updated helmet or new riding essentials – check out our wide variety of riding gear products!

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