Seal Savers Zip-On 1-3/4" - Short - Orange

Brand: Seal Savers
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1 3/4 INCH SHORT ZIP-ON-ORANGE A revolutionary design that allows for quick and easy installation and cleaning without having to remove forks from triple clamps

SealSavers Zip-Ons are durable and washable and will not affect fork damping or preload

Simply wrap around and zip onto the fort tube, slide up and cover the seals

The unique dual-flap zipper protection system protects forks from the nylon zipper

Apply the zip tie to the largest portion of the fork tube so the fork guard rubs on the zip tie

Zip-On acts as a pre-wipe, wiping away dirt, dust and mud that has accumulated onto forks, preventing it from getting into yours seals as your fork compresses

When washing your bike, flip up the bottom side of the Zip-Ons to wash any small amount of dirt that has gathered

Be sure to flip the Zip-Ons back down before they dry

When installed and the protection flaps are sealed, Zip-Ons look almost identical to the original SealSavers Zip-On and offer the same great protection

Removable but require a set of zip ties each installation

Sold in pairs