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Shinko Motorcycle Tires for Every Type of Ride

Shinko Tires USA is one of the most reputable brands for motorcycle tires. They offer a variety of tires for any ride type on any terrain you’ll be riding on. Tires are an essential part of your bike and having a smooth ride. You need to be sure you have the right kind of Shinko motorcycle tires for the type of riding you want to do.

Here are our top Shinko tire picks for each ride type:


Sport Bike

Feature of Shinko's 005 Advanced Radial Rear tire

One of our top selling Shinko tires for Sport Bike is the 005 Advanced Radial Rear Tire. This motorcycle tire has a large block-type tread pattern that allows for excellent braking, cornering, and acceleration. The tread grooves help to dissipate water on wet surfaces, and the rubber compound was formulated to improve grip and durability. If you are looking for tires that enhance speed and have great grip, then these Shinko motorcycle tires are for you.



Feature of Shinko's Hook-Up Drag Radial Rear Tire

Our pick for drag tires is the Hook-Up Drag Radial Rear Tire. This tire has a lightweight, flexible carcass and is the softest street compound offered by Shinko. The tread pattern and profile were designed specifically for drag racing and they are DOT approved. If you plan on drag racing, be sure to check out these drag tires.



Feature of Shinko's 777 Cruiser Heavy Duty Rear Tire

The 777 Cruiser Heavy Duty Rear Tire, specifically designed for cruiser motorcycles, is our top pick for cruising and/or touring. These tires come in a lot of sizes to fit many V-Twin motorcycles. So if you’re looking for Shinko tires for Harley cruiser bikes, then these are perfect for you. These motorcycle tires have a rubber compound that provides maximum grip and comfort. The tread design provides superior traction in wet and dry riding conditions, making them perfect for cruising.


Dual Sport

Feature of Shinko's 244 Series Dual Sport Tire

Shinko’s 244 Series Front/Rear Dual Sport Tire is unmatched in the industry. These DOT-approved Shinko dual sport tires are designed to be used on both adventure trails and the road without any hiccups. They are tube-type tires with several different sizes. If you plan on riding on both dirt and pavement, these Shinko dual sport tires are for you.


DOT Trail

Featuring Shinko's 421 Series DOT Trail Tire

If you plan on riding the trails, and not the highway for an extended time, you need to check out the 421 Series Front/Rear DOT Trail Tires. These tires are DOT approved, have a tough nylon carcass, and have open tread patterns that clean out easily in muddy conditions, which makes them some of the best Shinko tires for rough terrain.



Featuring Shinko's 704 Series Rear Moped Tire

If you’re looking for moped tires, look no further than the 704 Series Rear Moped Tire. This DOT-approved moped tire has a tough nylon carcass and is 4-ply rated. It’s one of the best moped tires on the market!


For each ride type, there are a multitude of different tire options - these are only just a few of our favorites. Be sure to check out our entire Shinko tire collection here to find the best Shinko tires for your ride today.

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