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Summer Water Safety Tips

Summertime means playing in the water and having the time of your life. There are many activities to do in water – swimming, boating, jet skiing, and many more. Knowing tips to keep you and others safe on the water is important.

3 young kids in life vets jumping off the back side of a boat into a cool, blue lake

There's some basic water safety information that everyone should remember, whether you are dipping your toes in shallow water, exploring waterfalls or rivers, or going into the ocean.


Some basic, but important, water safety tips:

1) Don’t jump off waterfalls or cliffs into water: You never know what kind of unseen objects (like big rocks) could be in the water.

2) Wear a life vest: Even if you know how to swim, wearing a life jacket could help save your life. In case you get stuck in the water for too long and get exhausted, or if you get sucked underwater by a strong current, the life vest will keep you afloat.

Close up image of a male wearing a red and black Fly life vest aboard his jet ski

3) Avoid swimming alone: Always swim with a buddy or a group and preferably in an area that is supervised by a lifeguard on duty.


In the Powersports industry, we hear of a lot of people getting out and jet skiing and boating, but not really knowing what safety precautions they need to take.

Young woman riding a bright yellow and white jet ski wearing a pink and black Fly life vest.

Jet Ski Safety Tips

A jet ski is such a fun personal watercraft to take out on a lake, ocean, or larger body of water for an exciting ride! There are some jet ski safety products you should carry with you when heading out on the water:

Remember, all passengers should sit behind the driver, and you should only ever take the recommended number of passengers your jet ski can hold. If you plan on having a passenger behind you, check out these life vest clips. They clip onto the driver’s PFD vest, so that the rider on the back can hold onto the driver easily.


Candid photo of 5 young men and women riding on a speed boat on a lake

Boating Safety Tips

Boating is another water activity that people enjoy. Whether it is to just get far out into the water, fish, or pull someone behind you in a tube, boating can be very fun. Just like jet skiing, there are also safety precautions to take for driving and riding in a boat.

Be prepared for an emergency with some of these essential safety items:


Other boating safety tips that can keep you safe while driving or riding in a boat include:

1) Check the weather beforehand: Making sure the weather is appropriate for boating is extremely important. The best weather for boating is warm and sunny days. If you notice big gusts of winds and choppy water, that means a storm is approaching, and it’s time to go back to shore.

2) Check the boat’s capacity limits: Do not overload the boat with too many people or too much equipment. This could cause the craft to become unbalanced and make it unsafe to use in the water.

3) Use proper “road” etiquette: Rules on the water aren’t too much different from rules on the road. Stay alert, operate at a safe speed, and be cautious of swimmers and other boaters.

Multiple boats passing each other in opposite directions with plenty of space in between.


While you’re out on the water or exploring rivers and waterfalls, make sure you’re following these simple summer water safety tips. But, at the same time, remember to have fun this summer! If you’re looking for some fun things to take out on the water with you, be sure to check out our Water Fun category on our website.

 Young woman riding in a yellow pull-behind float tube designed to look like a donut with colored sprinkles.

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