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Tips for Choosing a New Motorcycle Windshield

If you’re in the colder States like us in Ohio, you’re probably bored and wanting to tinker with your bike. One thing you can get a head start on is installing a replacement windshield or getting a brand new motorcycle windscreen.

As you probably already know, having the right windshield on your motorcycle is important. The two main reasons why riders choose to have a motorcycle windshield on their bike is because of weather and safety. Having the right windshield on your bike will help keep the weather, road debris, bugs, and other dangerous things from hitting the rider’s face.

Now that we have the importance covered, let’s talk about the main things you need to consider when choosing a new or replacement motorcycle windshield. Much like anything else in our consumer-world, there are thousands of windshield options. But, the THREE things you need to consider when choosing a new windshield are:

Picture of varying windshield sizes

Though windshield height is a personal preference, it is recommended that you are able to look just over your motorcycle windshield and see the road about 50 feet ahead.



Picture of a motorcycle showing windshield fitment

Once you are settled on a size and style, it is important to ensure the windshield will fit your bike. You need to know the year, make, model, and sub-model to find the right fit. Additionally, it is important to check to see how the windshield is mounted. With our homepage's navigation bar, you can easily choose your bike's specifications to check out which windshield mount works best for you.



Picture showing some examples of different windshield colors

Motorcycle windshields come in a variety of tints, styles, and colors. Always check the product details to find out which windshield color would be best for your riding style.


Keep in mind, Motomentum has a lot of combined experience on staff. We would be more than happy to help you if you have any questions! Check out our selection of motorcycle windshields and windshield accessories here.

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