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Top Staff Picks - Best Motorcycle Rides to Go On This Year

Hello Spring and Riding Season… we’ve missed you.

Here at Motomentum, we are obviously lovers of the Powersports industry. Some of us even ride daily (when our Ohio weather permits) and during our spare time.

Since we are still in the pandemic, we know the Bike Nights and Bike Meets might not happen this season, but you could take your bike on a riding adventure. We asked our staff where they love to ride – and made this list of the best motorcycle rides so you can add these to your next road trip!


Polaroid photo of Motomentum owner, Steve Tietjen, with his motorcycle buddies on a ride down route I-95 in Florida

Steve’s favorite ride is I-95 from Daytona, FL down to Route 1/A1A in Key West, Florida. He says, “The best part of the ride is A1A from Key Largo down to Key West. You are on an open 1 lane road most of the way, with views of the ocean almost 80% of the time.” In his opinion, the single best view is the 7-mile bridge from Marathon, FL to Key West. Here’s a throwback picture from his ride in 2008!



Polaroid photo showing the Valley of Fire in Las Vegas, Nevada, from the road on a motorcycle

In 2013, Scott went on a charity ride in the Valley of Fire. He liked that they were raising money for a good cause, but also that it was extremely beautiful. It was so hot that the ambient temperature was 105 degrees, so the wind while riding felt incredible. There were also a lot of sweeping/hot speed turns which made them some of the best motorcycle roads to ride down.



Polaroid photo with Motomentum's own, Luke & Taylor, parked in a UTV on the side of a mountain in Sedona, Arizona

Taylor and Luke visited Sedona, AZ and climbed through the mountains in a UTV. Taylor said, “It was fun! Checking out the scenery was amazing. The views are nothing you could ever see in Ohio. It was a great date day!”



Polaroid photo depicts Chris, husband of June (who is our accountant at Motomentum), parked with several other motorcyclists at a charity ride in Marysville, Ohio

June loves riding with her husband, Chris! One of the best motorcycle rides they’ve been a part of is the charity ride for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. She says, “What better way to have a wonderful ride with lots of other riders while raising money for this amazing charity!”


 Polaroid photo depicting Motomentum's accountant, June, and her husband, Chris, in a UTV in Prescott, Arizona

A runner-up for June is riding UTVs in Prescott, Arizona! There’s nothing like taking the UTV off-road to explore the landscape. She says, “The off-road views are wonderful!”




 Polaroid photo shows a motorcycle parked in the middle of a barren grass field with a lake and mountains in the background

The best places to ride motorcycles for Reda are everywhere and anywhere! But, if she had to pick, she’d pick gorgeous mountains, beaches, and deserts. She says, “The desert and California, in particular, hold a special place in my heart.”

Here’s a picture of Reda’s trusted FXR in Lake Isabella, CA on a cross-country, solo tour!


Polaroid photo shows 4 motorcycles parked at the edge of a road overlooking some foggy mountains. Pictured is Motomentum's Reda, sitting on her motorcycle in a denim jacket, among 3 other friends & her husband, Chuck

As a runner-up choice, Reda has discovered some of the best motorcycle roads while touring the wild and wonderful West Virginia on her vintage Suzuki with her group of friends!



If you travel this riding season, we’d love to see where you go! Post on social media, use #ridewithmm, and tag @shopmotomentum in your post!


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