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About Us

Sharing your passion to ride



It all started in 1991, when our founder developed a passion to repair old mopeds and motorcycles.

From that humble beginning,

We became the #1 moped dealer in Central Ohio. Fast forwarding a bit, you might know us as Classic Cycle Parts, the name we wore proudly from 2003 to 2020, providing parts and accessories for bikes primarily from the 60s and 70s. That one man show, turned family business, became one of the industry leaders in eCommerce Powersports parts and accessories.

As we expanded into accessories, apparel and riding gear for not only motorcycles, but snowmobiles, ATV’s, watercraft and much more, we saw the need to evolve again. Motomentum is the next stage of that next evolution.

Our Motomentum team comprises riders and industry professionals, who are always here to help with any questions about our powersports parts and accessories. If we don’t have an instant answer, we have Brand Specialists who can reach out to any of the 1,500+ brands that we sell, and get you the information you need!

Motomentum started as a simple dream—and has grown to become a leader in its industry. Whatever you ride, The Motomentum team is here to keep you moving forward.


These are the things that keep us on the right track.

Ride Together:

We are a team who stands together to contribute to and strengthen our squad as a whole. Our jobs aren’t done until we’re all done; no one gets left behind.

Embrace All Makes and Models:

Diversity fuels our collective engine, which allows us to continually grow and learn from one another. It is important to not only share the road, but to also encourage your fellow riders to show up as exactly who they are.

Take the Road Less Traveled:

Problems rarely get solved doing things the same way, day in and day out, so challenge the status quo. You don’t have to stay in your lane if you think you have a good idea or a way to strengthen the team.

Do Better than Good:

We are committed to pushing each other to raise the bar, even when no one is watching. Sometimes the road is long, but it’s always worth it.

Be Committed to Community:

We strive to give back and participate in our community in every way that we can, both locally and across the globe. When you ride, you’re a part of something bigger. There’s a sense of belonging, and we take ownership in that.