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Prepping your bike for Spring
Spring is right around the corner! Especially in Ohio, this is an exciting time. The birds will start chirping, daylight will stick around longer, and warmer weather will be here before we know it. Now is the time to start getting your ride ready for riding season! We sat down with our very own, Reda Ashour – She’s been riding for 11 years and has a slew of experience. We asked her what her routine is to get her bike ready for riding season after sitting in storage all winter long. Read on to see Reda's tips!
Featured Brand: Monimoto
We are REALLY excited about one of our newest products - the Monimoto GPS Anti-Theft Tracker! Monimoto is a tracking device for your ride that is affordable, extremely user-friendly, and is powered by its own batteries. It has such a quick and easy set-up, doesn’t require any wiring, and auto arms/disarms. Read on to learn more!
Third Thursday Trivia: What Year Was The First Motorcycle Made?
If you saw our Third Thursday Trivia question on social media, you won't want to miss this post about the first motorcycle ever made!
Tips For Choosing a New Windshield
If you’re in the colder States like us in Ohio, you’re probably bored and wanting to tinker with your bike. One thing you can get a head start on is getting a new windshield! As you probably already know, having the right windshield on your motorcycle is important. The two main reasons why riders choose to have windshields on their bike is because of weather and safety. Having the right windshield on your bike will help keep the weather, road debris, bugs, and other dangerous things from hitting the rider’s face. Now that we have the importance covered, let’s talk about the main things you need to consider when choosing a windshield. Click through to read more!