Routine Maintenance Tips for Dirt Bikes
The most important part of owning a dirt bike is routine maintenance. Keep your bike in good shape with these routine maintenance tips from Motomentum.
Are Dirt Bikes High Maintenance?
You may be asking yourself this if you want a dirt bike; fortunately, the Motomentum pros are here to give you the answer.
What Size Dirt Bike Should I Get?
Learn everything you need to know about engine displacement and seat height so you can find the perfect-sized dirt bike for you or a loved one.
Snowmobile Tips for Beginners
Our complete snowmobiling guide is filled with essential snowmobile tips for beginners to ensure you have a fun and safe snowmobiling experience.
Is an E-Bike, Street Bike, or Dirt Bike Right for You?
Finding the right bike for you can be daunting. After all, there are bikes explicitly made for everything from an efficient primary mode of transportation to an adrenaline-filled off-road experience. At Motomentum, we eat, sleep, and breathe all things bike-related, and we want to use our knowledge to help you figure out which bike is right for you. Put your helmet on and hang on tight while we race through the ins and outs of e-bikes, street bikes, and dirt bikes. By the end, you will have a better idea of what each type of bike is used for and which one fits your needs best.
How Many Miles of Snowmobile Trails are in Minnesota?
How Many Miles of Snowmobile Trails are in Minnesota? Read on to learn the answer and discover some of Minnesota’s most popular Snowmobile Trails in Motomentum’s latest #ThirdThursdayTrivia Blog!
Burning Questions with Scott Meshey: Öhlins Suspension
We were able to catch up with Scott Meshey, Pro Motocross and Supercross Racer, about his experience with Öhlins Suspension. Check out the video in our latest blog post to find out why Scott chooses to ride with Öhlins.
Which Two Motorcycle Companies Survived The Great Depression?
Which Two Motorcycle Companies Survived The Great Depression? Read on to learn about the history of these two powerhouses and how they managed to survive the US’s worst economic downfall on Motomentum’s latest #ThirdThursdayTrivia Blog!
Which Legendary Motocross Rider Earned the Name, "The Hurricane"?
Read on to learn about "The Hurricane" (and how he got his nickname) on Motomentum’s #ThirdThursdayTrivia Blog!
Top 5 Products To Cool Your Ride
Do you need insight into how to keep your motorcycle cool in the summer? Read our blog to learn more about our top 5 products that can help!


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