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26G CAM T/C GR DRIVE Gear drive uses less engine power to operate and improves valve timing accuracy over stock chain drive camshafts

Dynamometer comparisons show gains of 4 horsepower over chain drive camshafts

Can be installed on both carbureted and fuel injected models

Sold as cams only, inner and outer gear kit and installation kit must be purchased separately

12G: Similar timing to earlier stock 88 cams but gear drive cams are used instead of chain; No engine retuning necessary with this timing

21G: Bolt-in cam first introduced in 2000; More torque for all around riding with stock comp

ratio and heavy bikes; Similar to #23 cam for EV80; (1700-5200rpm)

26G: Bolt-in cam for lower RPM torque, FLT, etc

; For two up touring, this cam will add torque and HP at lower and middle speed ranges; 1800-5500rpm

31G: Smooth idle, broad torque band; 2200-5800rpm

32G: High-lift version of 31G; Much more power thru RPM range with 10:1 compression pistons; 2800-5800rpm

37G: Smooth idle, broad torque band; Similar grind to TW37

50G: Designed in 1999 for easy installation in 95 motors with 9

25 C


and stock heads; 2500-6000rpm

54G: Specially designed for 96 and 103 engines with CR up to 10:1; 2200-5600rpm range

55G: Great cam for 95 motors; Max torque and HP at mid- and upper-rpm; Similar grind to TW55; Requires spring spacing on 99-04 engines

59G: Great cam for 95 motors with 10

00 CR and higher; Max torque and HP at mid- and upper-RPM; Requires spring spacing on all models

60G: For well prepped street engine with 95 cubic inches and head work; 100+ HP is within reach; 2700-6500+ rpm max torque range

64G: Big cams for modified 95-116+ inch motors running 10:2 CR or higher; Heads must be set for

700 lift and modified for max air flow; (3000-6500+ rpm)

67G: Hi-lift springs; Performance cams for 95-107+ inches, 10

0 to 10

8 C


with high-flow head setup; (2600-6400+ rpm)


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